shaping &
change forma

Disturbance is an action that causes a pronounced change in an ecosystem. We use the word Disturbance because we believe today’s audiences required a bigger, bolder, deeper impact to get engaged and take action. Simple advertising campaigns with vanilla narratives do not work anymore. We talk about changing ecosystems, because we truly believe it addresses the scope of impact required to change consumer, brand, or channel partners hearts and minds. We also use “change” regarding how our clients develop strategy, processes, and view the adoption of technology to build real relationships with their customers. Disturbance achieves ecosystem wide impact thru the synthesis of data, design, and story. We are customer centric in our approach, putting them at the center of the plan.


It all starts with looking at things from a different perspective. Using both quantitative and qualitative data we help remove project bias, allowing for greater clarity which usually illuminates the pathway to setting and defining your strategy. Some of the methods and sources we use can include syndicated data, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, online analytics, and competitive analysis.

Strategy is informed and driven by the directional guidance attained from the research and data gathered. Strategy is the roadmap that guides product, brand, sales, and customer engagement. We believe strategy should start with the big picture and end with the individual activations that will drive success across the various departments and divisions of your business or brand.

It is the logical next step after research (discovery) and strategy development. It can be an independent process we perform, but it must be informed by and be part of the corporate strategy to maximize its impact. A brand is far more than a logo, fonts, and a color pallet. It is the driving force behind why people choose to do business with you. From this perspective, its critical to economic performance. All brand development should include customer experience.

Design is intertwined with the brand, but its far more than images, logos, and fonts. Design can and should also include experiences, customer, employee, and partner. Design is both visual and commutative; it’s the glue that sets expectations across all channels. Great design makes selling products and services easier. It, along with the brand, also drives intrinsic value that facilitates higher margins.

When done well integrates with strategy, brand, and design. It has a purpose and should always drive some type of outcome. We develop and manage content with a purpose. We measure, refine, and tweak to ensure the goal is reached. This requires much more work than simply posting an article someone else has written, it requires the brand to have a designed opinion that reinforces its place in the market and in the minds of their customer.

We excel at ideation, because we always start with the BIG Idea and work our way down. Ideas are only as good as there execution so we develop both the big ideas and the execution plan in great detail. Just like content, ideas must have a purpose and drive some type of desired result for the business. Ideation must be unique and edgy enough to stand out and capture the attention of your target.

It brings ideas, sales programs, and the brand to life. We design activations that are multichannel, and include digital, virtual, events, influencer, social, content, partnerships, sponsorships, etc. Some examples include concerts, technology conferences, national tours, sweepstakes, retail events, App development, microsites, fashion shows, channel part programs, social content creation, and rewards programs.

We are well versed in and know how to evaluate and recommend technology and services that drive business efficiencies and help you reach new customers. We guide the development and implementation of both internal and external solutions that are designed to streamline processes that are aligned with your brand, content, and strategy allowing you to rapidly scale and grow your business.

It is essential to achieving a company’s strategic goal. From brand stewardship to efficient activation and customer engagement, process combined with technology, can be the differentiator that put you out in front of your competition. As part of our engagements, we always provide insight and make recommendations that help refine processes, helping you achieve objectives as efficiently as possible.