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Delivering Award-Winning Websites

Task: Design and lead the development of Movable Type’s North American (English language) website. The new website encapsulates three key components: product education, e-commerce, and product support. was redeveloped to clearly communicate pricing tiers with a simple, user-focused checkout.  The site educated customers on the products' advantages and capabilities, and simplified how customers received product support. Prior to the redesign, all interactions were disjointed hurdles for customers.

Site integrations included: Salesforce, for customer support, Fresh Books, Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Stripe, MailChimp, Click to Call features, and a new custom licensing system, all hosted on Amazon EC2.

The project also led to a complete brand refresh.


Movable Type Graphs Results Movable Type Graphs Results Movable Type Graphs Results

Focus on Usability & Narrative

Presenting the most important, relevant features and information about Movable Type.
This matters most to: Developers, designers, and businesses who want to quickly find the information they need that equally resonates with all user types.
An optimized user flow for purchasing as well as for handling enterprise orders on the backend.
This matters most to: Content Managers and businesses who want a stable and secure experience as well as a simplified pricing structure when buying software.
Taking charge as a thought leader in the blogging space and providing better, regularly updated documentation for English speakers.
This matters most to: Designers and developers who desire resources that help them make better use of the software.
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