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Radiolicious was a native application player for the iPhone, a mobile tuner and aggregator for existing internet audio streams, and a mobile advertising platform that allows brands to amplify their traditional radio and audio advertising across mobile devices.

When asked to review this business, based on the market research completed, we believed without the proper consumer acquisition strategy in place and a matched content strategy, Radiolicious would have limited success.

Based on the competitors already in the market, our recommendation was not to enter into a business partnership with the App maker. The decision was made to move forward anyway.

After 12 months, although radio station adoption was at least good, consumers did not engage with the content being offered at the levels required to justify continuing forward with the partnership. The out clause was executed and the business relationship was ended.

Market research Launch plan

Market research Launch plan

STRENGTHS • Unique way for stations to build relationships with listeners.
• Broadcasters can expand their listener base by thousands.
• New revenue stream and trackable advertising (local & regional).
• Provides mobile ads for advertisers on the “Now Playing” screen.
• Geo-targeted advertising.
WEAKNESS• No momentum among key groups, affiliates, consumers and influencers.
• No consumer experience/portal.
• Reviews, low ranking.
• Lacks top market distribution.
• No defined brand niche (b2b or consumer).
OPPORTUNITIES• Create demand with consumers and affiliates.
• Leadership land grabs in the digital space.
• Leverage desire of RL to become White Label—creates broader platform.
• Become a digital revenue driver for affiliate partners.
• Help stations deliver integrated opportunities (interactive promotions).
THREATS• Radio may wait on consumer momentum to get on board.
• Application upgrades don't occur fast enough to keep up with market needs and trends.
• Not perceived as a category leader; growth rate not keeping up with market.
• Extensive competition already in place.