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Topics features a Redis distributed, in-memory key-value store that serves a cached version of your content, even during migration & downtime.


Save on the cost of additional servers with our open RESTful API, which can be extended to work with any CMS language.


Manage and output content through any platform.  Pick the CMS that fits each use case without any constraints or commitment.

Disconnected from customer needs Movable Type had to evolve in North America. Our investors wanted immediate results. Acquisition was the only choice. Topics was chosen to fill the technology gap in the product.What does Topics allow you to do? Marketing moves in real time. With Topics – so does your content. Topics is the bridge between the overwhelming need from marketers to manage disparate content-driven experiences, and the IT/Technology group that must integrate content seamlessly across myriad digital channels. Paper Magazine was the first major deployment, and the timing could not have been better. Paper’s “Break The Internet” initiative with Kim Kardashian provided the ultimate live test for Topics, and it yielded incredible results. Paper went from an average of 25,000 page views a day to 23 million over two days. Their content, powered by Topics, withstood the massive tidal wave of Internet traffic.
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